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Have a little browse and wander through the twists and turns of our life as Human & Dog.

Here I talk about various things including, but not limited to; Books, Buddy The Jack Russell / Shih Tzu Cross. Gaming, Makeup, D.I.Y, and Life - The J4rming way.

You can garuntee anything that pops into my head and runs out of my fingers will be - and always is, generally quite spontanteous and random. I am not a writer and have never been good at English Lit' but have sudden needs to be creative and share it through writing. So excuse my constant ability to crush the laws of English spelling & grammar.

A big warm welcome (& a snuggle from Buddy) awaits you. Grab a cuppa tea, sit back, explore our little blog of random & read away your day.

It's great to have you here <3

Jazz & Buddy x x


SNACKS - Buddy Summer 2017

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