Gemina (The Illuminae Files #2) by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff REVIEW

Howdy book loving fiends.

I am back today with a review of sorts, though it’s not so much a review as a general thoughts process and OMG I just finished reading GEMINA.AND.I’M.BROKEN. *cries in a corner*

If you want to see. My review of Illuminae, the first in this series. Click Here. (Link available soon)

Now without having a ship load of spoilers (hardy-hard see what I did there?) I seriously need the next book “Obsido” AND RIGHT NOW. I have pre-ordered it though so at least I know I get it on release day… March….2018. Yay.

As before the book is laid out in a dossier style format, though this time they have more exciting things like our main character ‘Hanna’s Journal. Some of the journal pages are my Fav’! The drawings that’s she has draw bring the characters, we are reading about, to life. It’s a really nice addition compared to the first book which was mostly writing strewn over the page as if it was acting out what was happening.

Also very much like the first book,  We have a bad ass heroin. Hanna Donnelly. She has been taught self-preservation, survival, strategy. Seriously she is awesomeness woven against any ‘Blonde’ stereotype ever, and I love it! She makes her own way through life despite being the spoilt daughter of the Station Captain and she proves her worth. BIG TIME. It’s Amazing.

I’ll post a picture of the blurb so you can have a quick read and get the gist of what’s happening.

The great thing about starting this book is that it continues almost immediately from ‘Illuminae (Illuminae Files #1)’ except it comes across from a different couples viewpoint. On a different ship. Called Hemidall. At first I was worried that it wouldn’t be the same, turns out these characters I LOVED so much more than the team from Illuminae. I mean you though Erza was attractive, you need to read about Nik! And oh my gosh little Ella, what an awesome little human, I was LOLing at some of the chat logs. Full of sass that one. Still, it’s unfortunate we don’t get as much of the old characters that I would have liked to come across into ‘Gemina’ but they do make an appearance in the text, so they haven’t been completely forgotten. 

I enjoyed the exchanges between the old and the new characters, and they were very believable. I’m forever reading through like dude, these guys would be best friends in the real world, shame they are on different spaceships! But the Gemina team are currently holding the top spot.



On another note, the last 150 pages?! CREEEEEPY. And SO SO SPINNY.

So if you have all read the Illuminae Files Book #1 it’s kind of zombie-esque. People-turning death toll rising. In Gemina is a whole ‘Udder’ story (I’m sorry I’ve done it again hehehe)





Weird, slimy, teeth, snakelike, eel-like, slithering, sneaky, vile, sightless, flickey tongue, lengths of evil. EGHH NO. Brilliant. But no. It’s a perfect read to start October (HALLOWEEEEEEN) off to a mild start. The other part (SPINNY)… There was quite a lot of science stuff in here, and some things I had to read a few times, to get my head around them, but the whole thing was pulled off brilliantly and the way they wrote the text from either side of the story mirroring on each double page was a refreshing way to read.


That’s all I can type about now, I am soooo bummed that the next book isn’t out for so long. It’s why I waited so long to read this one, I really hate having to wait for release dates because my memory isn’t the best anyway and seriously, how am I supposed to last a year on that last line?!? I guess is could be thought as BIG SPOILERS… though I won’t show who said it, so you won’t know who does or doesn’t make it to the end…

… I’ll post the picture at the bottom of this post…. So don’t go see if you haven’t read it!

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