Books Review: A pop-up Gallery of Curiosities – J.K.Rowling’s Wizarding World

Can we just take a minute and admire this bundle of paper…Isn’t it preeeeetty?

Book of Curiosities…As pop-up books come this is quite small. A5 in size and it only has around 5 pages. However the pop ups are super!

Book Published Date: November 2016

Hardcover: RRP £20

Covered in the typical rich red colours of the Wizarding World, this pop up book ‘ensnares the senses.’ A bright sleeve covers the front whilst magnets hold the the front together like a vault. Inside the 5 scenes are beautifully designed and despite the shortness of the book I got at least 30 minutes of ‘viewing’ out of it. The Pop-ups included are from various films in the Wizarding World. Including a couple of scenes from “The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” film, which is a cool bonus, I really enjoyed watching the film!

The details of the pictures within are good but not as special as some of the more extravagant potter merchandise. (For example the Wizard’s Collection Box Set – I will show you Harry Potter Nerds this at some point because it’s just amazing – a powerhouse of Potter heaven and design!) but of course this book won’t come anywhere near close as its at the opposite end of the price scale costing £20 at RRP – I’ve recently found it on Amazon for a mere £13.37. For this price alone I am  impressed.

Below I have a few photos for you to indulge in. Somehow pop-ups will never be given justice in photographs because you cant really see it until you’ve got it in your hands and get a look at how all the paper has been folded, strategically designed and created with all the ‘POPS’ in the right places. Sadly I’m not enough of a photographer to fit all the details of the pop-ups and blurbs into my photos with my measly iPhone camera, but each page has either a pull out or fold out section that contains a few lines of text about the scene. Enough to let those who dont know the Potter universe understand what’s happening.

Currently this resides on my bookshelf – not open – as I’m too worried to have it displayed on a shelf due to intricacy of some of the pop ups. By far the most detailed piece is the last page, which is the scene from “The Chamber of Secrets” when Neville gets strung up by his ears by those peskie Cornish Pixies!

Overall its an attractive and delightful addition to my harry potter collection, and though I can’t say its my favourite, I enjoy owning it and showing it to my fellow Witches and Wizards. Most Wizarding World fans would like to own it (even just to grow the collection!) and it’s just nice it being that little bit different from the norm’ of the typical film merchandise.










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