About Jazz & Buddy 🐾

I am a 20-something year old from England and am starting to find it difficult to remember how old I am. I enjoy too many hobbies to keep track of (similar to the age thing) but a few things you can find me doing regularly -Reading, D.I.Y., winning video games, spending time with the family. I used to be a Landscape gardener, I love being outdoors but due to health issues I had to move towards a less active job, though I still design some of the gardens. By day I work in retail which brings its own challenges to the table by night I build a business working from home. Can you tell I hate sitting idle?

Buddy is my little Jack Russell Terrier x Shih Tzu. He has a wonderful, loving temperament and in general is a fabulous little dog, whom we adopted from a family member who couldn't cope with his energy (or his size - he was supposed to be a miniature!). He has endless energy and will always bring you a ball to throw for him. His favourite place to walk is anywhere there is mud or rodents! - though he's not got the hang of being quiet enough to catch rodents yet... He is scared of the vacuum cleaner and of baths - but he is getting better with the latter. Overall he is the cuddliest, loving dog EVER. Anyone who meets him wants to take him home and I wouldn't change the little scruff-ball for the world.


Jazz_February 2018

Jazz Wallace 🐾


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