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I am a 20-something year old from England and am starting to find it difficult to remember how old I am. I enjoy too many hobbies to keep track of (similar to the age thing) and am very spontaneous. A few things you can find me doing regularly -Reading, D.I.Y., winning video games & spending time with my loved ones.

I used to be a Landscape gardener, I love being outdoors but due to health issues I had to move towards a less active job, though I still design some gardens. By day I work in part time retail I really enjoy customer service but hate minimum wage and by night I build a business working from home.
Can you tell I hate sitting idle?

I hate peas, love pasta. Am up and active most of the time but I'm also pretty good at spending a whole day gaming with my Other Half (OH). I play PS4 - my current favourite game is Fortnite - (I won't lie I'm addicted!) but my most recent games have been Ark: Survival Evolved & most of the COD's. I try to limit my gaming time to weekends otherwise it would have the tendency to take over, but in my freee time its always a toss up between reading and gaming. Its a difficult choice every time.


Buddy is my little Jack Russell Terrier x Shih Tzu. He has a wonderful, loving temperament and in general is a fabulous little dog.

We adopted from a family member who couldn't cope with his energy (or his size - he was supposed to be a miniature but outer both his parents!). He has endless energy and will always bring you a ball to throw for him.

His favourite place to walk is anywhere there is mud or rodents! - though he's not got the hang of being quiet enough to catch rodents yet... He is scared of the vacuum cleaner and of baths - but he is getting better with the latter.

His favourite toys are 'Mr Duck' & 'Mr Robin' and he pretty much knows them by name though don't ask me why we nicknamed them all as males. If you lay on the floor and ask for a cuddle he will come over and bulldoze into you, snuggle his head into your armpit and make you rub his belly.

Overall he is the cuddliest, loving dog I've ever had the pleasure of knowing & anyone who meets him wants to take him home

I wouldn't change this little scruff-ball for the world. <3


Jazz_February 2018

Jazz Wallace 🐾


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