Five Ways to Stay Motivated

Quite often I have people message me and ask how are you always so positive and motivated? First answer is I’m not. It’s impossible for somebody to be motivated all the time as there is always something that we don’t want to do, which means we won’t be motivated to do it…. Why do you get up every morning? why do you go to work? why do you eat that takeaway? Why do you need to buy that?. Your WHY as an adult is a MASSIVE part of your motivation!

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#thegoodbits2018 – Finding perspective: year wrap up.

It’s been a funny sort of month. In fact its been a funny sort of year. I struggle to understand why this year has been particularly taxing or seemed more difficult than usual… or just in general a bit MEH. But looking back on the things I have achieved makes me consider that the MEH times can sometimes – though they shouldn’t, override the memories that we need to keep in the forefront of our mind..

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First Impressions: Audible Review.

I started The Mortal instruments series – City of Bones in hardback book maybe a couple of months ago? I read a few chapters, got distracted. Read a few more, got distracted. You know how it can be when life gets busy and book slumps hit. I liked the beginning of the book it was fun and new, but somehow I never got truly stuck in enough for that unable-to-put-down feeling to grow, but a book review is for another day. Today I thought I would share with you my first experience of the audible app, and why you should try it even if you think you won’t like it…

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10 reasons you need a dog in your life. #NationalDogDay

Hello Lovelies, Happy Bank Holiday Weekend (UK) & National Dog Day.

Today is just a little catch up post and in honour of #nationaldogday a little post about our favourite furry friends.

As a child I always wated a dog but alas my parents rule was always…

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5 Simple Ways to Live a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Many of us are now leaning towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Creating less waste. Recycling as much as we can. Using more natural based products.
But what else can you do that may help you become a new ‘eco-human’?

Today I will share with you 5 ways I have switched my lifestyle to being more ‘Green’ and how living more eco-friendly isn’t as much hassle as you think…

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Puppy Photos & How We Adopted Buddy | A Baby Buddy Appeared! |

A catch up today and a little bit of a throwback Thursday. But on a Friday…
I HAVE BABY BUDDY PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!! he looks SOOOO different! I can hardly believe its the same dog!..

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YEE-HAWW! – How To Themed Party Wild West Prop DIY

Howdy Y’all! How are you? I thought I would come to you with something a little bit fun – Some…

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