Hello New Blog – How Exciting!

Hello Everyone!

Its a fresh new start here with Myself and Buddy, Welcome to our new blog, we hope you enjoy your little browse.

I thought it was just about time for an update. If you visited before you would remember we where on a different blog platform and it was a little bit clunky, not to mention outdated (and I lost the log in details because the platform changed in my - long - absence!) but new starts are what life is all about.

Stay tuned for more Buddy pictures, book reviews, life updates, business tips, adventures, stories. We literally have a little bit of everything. Bare with us whilst we get this blog pulled together,

We might transfer some of our most favourite posts from the old one, but there will be lots more new content after all, we should only look backwards to see how far we have come. In the end we must keep moving forwards.

This is a safe little place to chill out, so put your feet up, grab yourself a cuppa and read away the day!

Jazz xx


P.S. Why not visit the 'About Us' page to find out more!

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