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A catch up today and a little bit of a throwback Thursday. But on a Friday…

Don’t get too excited there aren’t that many, but he looks SOOOO different! I can hardly believe its the same dog to be honest!

So those of you who have known us for a while know that we adopted Buddy a couple of years ago.
But for those of you who are new (Thanks for joining us!) I will breiefly explain how we came to get Buddy and why.

Originally Buddy was my Aunties pup. She got him from a Jack Russel x Shih Tzu breeder semi-local to her at the time. She had just lost her little Yorkshire terrier, Rosie, to old age after 17 years! My Auntie had another little dog, 2-year-old Daisy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, whom was very sad & lonely because of the loss of her canine pal. And so, after a few months came about getting Buddy to keep her company. When I first met Buddy I fell in love and always said I would steal him one day, Who knew it would turn out to be true!

Buddy as a pup with his new pal Daisy the Cavalier King Charles.
Buddy as a Pup with his new Pal Daisy the Cavalier King Charles (Look at the size of his paws!)

Fast forward a few years and Buddy grew WAAAY bigger than was expected. He was supposed to be a miniature, but turned into the ‘beast’ he is today – Bigger than both his mum and dad. My Aunt, didn’t have the energy to keep up with his exercise needs and so he came to us on a trial week to see how he got on as a single dog in our busy household.
He settled in very well and took to our way of life. Surprisingly he was much better behaved as a single dog, which was odd because he was always herding his dog pack when we went for walks!

So ta-daa, he never went home after his trial haha! We adopted Buddy as a 4 year old. Moulded him to our lifestyle and he’s been enriching our lives ever since, I don’t know what I would do without this little fur ball.

So lets get to the puppy photos! its what you’ve been waiting for right?!
I managed to get hold of these photos through my Aunties friend who stumbled across them the other day and sent them over to me.
I’ll include them below. Some are a little fuzzy but its a Baby Buddy!

Ready to go to his new home 2011
Investigating the new place 20
When Buddy first came to visit us for the day and I fell in love <3

And thats the few photos we currently have of him as a Pupper! Unless some more resurface from the depths of peoples computers again we won’t have any more to come. He looks so different now and he was a tiny pup that grew into the Beastie he is today. Of course if you want to see photos of him now we have plenty.
Our instagram | J4rming | Is ‘Buddy & Books’ | we post often so check there for day-to-day adventures of Buddy and I.

Until next time

Jazz x

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